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We welcome you to the world where Caterina Collezione designs come to life...

The DiCristofalo Factory Tour

Nowhere in Italy will you receive a warmer welcome than at the DiCristofalo factory, the home of Caterina Collezione designs and the finest Italian handcrafted sterling silver.

Each year we welcome visitors like you from all over the globe through our factory doors to witness personally the creation of Caterina Collezione works of Italian art.

Why does Caterina Collezione take great pride and honor in every single piece created? Come and observe the labor-intensive efforts of skilled Italian "artigiani" with decades of hands-on experience behind them, ingredients of the highest quality and components of the finest Italian workmanship and you will understand why.

  sterling silver centerpiece






The Silver and Copper Fusion: First, 925 parts pure raw silver along with 75 parts copper are fed to the burners.
















Cooling: Afterwards, the silver from the "melting canisters" is then poured into casts where it cools down and hardens before being brought to the presses.






The Lamination: After the cooling period, the silver from the casts is then pressed down into precisely measured thin sheets before being handed over to the "artigiani" or artisans.


















Decades of Italian Artistry: An "artigiano" is carefully giving a well-proportioned and curvaceous appearance to one of our selected Caterina Collezione centerpieces.
















The Soldering: The crafting and shaping of a candelabra under a small blowtorch. The "artigiano" is soldering the finishing touches before sending the almost-finished product to the chiseling board.








Italian handcrafting at its best: A Caterina Collezione vase slowly coming to artistic life by the hands of one of our talented craftsmen.
















The Finishing Touches: Adding the finishing touches before the polishing and succeeding inspection by the Caterina Collezione designers.



















Caterina Collezione wishes you have enjoyed the tour...

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