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8 "Gaio" Dishes ..."I will definitely be showing off my table/silver over the holiday period and beyond."   Wynta Dangerfield  Bossier City, Louisiana



"Champagne Cups and Flutes" Set ..."My order has just arrived here in the perfect condition, and they are so fine that I will further place some orders in the near future. Sincerely,"   Joji Takeuchi  Aichi-ken, Japan



"Carita" Tea Set & 2 "Paola" Platters ..."Thank you for following up as always - be assured I will spread the word about your factory - thank you for all your help. Sincerely"   Maria Franco  Franklin Square, New York



"Notte" Coffee & Tea Servers and replacement cover for an antique sugar bowl ..."Thank you for email. I am very excited about receiving the set. I am sure that I will like my sterling silver set very well. I will also spread the word about your company. You are all very nice and I have enjoyed working with you.

I am very impressed with the tea and coffee set and especially the top on the sugar bowl. I am glad that I sent you the sugar bowl and now everything matches. I appreciate you polishing the bowl.

I know that you put a lot of pride into your work and it shows. The craftsmanship is excellent. I have the set displayed in my living room in a lighted cabinet. I am glad that I found your company on the Internet and that I ordered this from your company. This is something that will be handed down through my family for many years to come. Thanks again for the great service that you gave me. The wait was worth the results. Ciao-Ciao!"  
Le Grand Van Keuren  Greensboro, North Carolina


"Marina" Bowl ..."I wanted to let you know that the centerpiece arrived in time for Easter! My aunt received the package on Saturday. I think I have started a new tradition. I will be sending Perugina Bacis to her every Easter to fill her new bowl. My grandparents were both born in Ischia and it was a special treat for my aunt to get this present from Italy. Thanks for the wonderful silver and the great service."   Chris Daly  Mamaroneck, New York


"Impero" 36 and 26 Piece Flatware Sets ..."Thank you so much for all your efforts, What wonderful news! Your service has been a level above anything we would experience over here. We will be certainly recommending you to all our friends here. Nancy and I are really looking forward to the Impero. Thank you very much for helping us and we look forward to being in touch in the future. Cheers!"

"The Impero flatware has arrived!  The package was delivered as scheduled on Friday, and we could not be more thrilled and delighted with our new silverware. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are clearly evident, and make the pieces truly spectacular. The size, weight and quality are far superior to anything we could purchase in America.  We used the silver at our dinner party last night. The pattern perfectly accents our china - Royal Daulton, Carlyle, and crystal - Waterford, Lismore, and made our table very impressive. Thank you so much for your efforts to have the Impero delivered to us on time."   Michael Wayman  Martinez, California


"Vita" Tea Set ..."I sent my mother the set for her birthday and I wanted to let you know that she said it was beautiful!  She's 84 years old, so I felt I can finally get her that silver tea set she has always wanted. She had always thought that the most elegant tea sets were only made by the English. Oh, she definitely has changed her mind. I love it when she gets something she really enjoys. Thank you very much, Leonardo, for your advice. You were absolutely right..."   Frank Maniscalco  Tampa, Florida


"Basket" Bowl ..."The basket arrived Friday afternoon and it is pure heaven. I will fill it with candy to share with friends at a party we will be giving. Thank you also for the wonderful invitation of the tour of your factory and dinner.  My husband and I will take a look at our plans and if we are able to come, we would consider it an honor. I will keep you posted on our plans.

Thank you again Mr. Ciccarello for your patience as well regarding the credit card matter, I'm glad it all worked out. Please also thank everyone at the factory for crafting such a beautiful product.  You will be expecting a visit from my cousin very soon."  
Lia Marino  New York, New York


"Eliana" Tea Set ..."I have just received my order in the perfect condition and thank you for your most excellent transaction. My wife as well as I are really impressed with the beauty of this silver tea set. One of my friends told me that he had seen before many silverwares mainly made in Britain...But just never like this!

I hope I will have the opportunity to use your most precious service again in the near future. Sincerely,"
Joji Takeuchi 
Aichi-ken, Japan

"Incantesimo" Bowl ..."I just wanted to let you know that my parents received my bowl and said they loved it. It was a gift for their 25th anniversary and they didn't expect it to come all the way from Italy. Thank you for taking the time to answer my inquiry and for sending the bowl beautifully wrapped!"   Melinda Reina  Brookfield, Wisconsin


"Melinda" Coffee & Tea Set and "Paola" Platter ..."Mr. Nagai has received his order and seems to be very pleased with it. He said that he would recommend your company to his friends. If there is any way I can be of service to you in you future dealings with Mr. Nagai, please don't hesitate to let me know. Sincerely,"   Eiji Nagai  Kakamigahara, Japan


130 piece "Traditional" Flatware Set..."I just received the package form Caterina Collezione this morning. I haven't unwrapped it all, but it is WONDERFUL! I am now more than ever, excited to see the rest of our order from you. The scale, weight, design and details are superb!

One suggestion: the small design detail on the back of the fork and spoon (where the spoon bowl or fork joins the handle) is wonderful and needs to be shown on your website - this detail was a very, very pleasant surprise for us. Christofle, the other company we were considering buying from, doesn't have this nice detail on the backs of the spoons and forks in their Albi pattern.
Also, we greatly appreciate the unobtrusive stampings/markings on each piece - they do not interfere with the design."

"I just received the second package with the remainder of our order or silver from you. Thank you, your company, and everyone connected with making such a great product. As I perhaps have mentioned before, we have been looking for "our" silver flatware since 1979 when we got married. We have owned several antique sets, but no complete sets that were just what we wanted. After looking for all those years, I am glad we put off buying a complete set (mostly because we never found anything we "really" liked well enough, or at a cost with which we felt comfortable) because we finally have just what we have wanted all along.

If we had not found your company we would probably have ended up buying either Christofle (Albi pattern) or Wallace's Italian Line (Giorgio pattern), but there were things about those two patterns and companies that we were not completely pleased with. Thank you so much - you have been excellent to work with! Sincerely,"
  Dan Blackstad  St. Paul, Minnesota


"Domenica" Bowl ..."We have just returned from the wedding of Heather and Brian. It was very beautiful. When they opened their wedding gift, they were very, very pleased with the bowl.... and that pleased us. Of course they hadn't received anything like it and were planning on using it when they return from their honeymoon.

My husband and I are extremely pleased with your company and with your customer service. The follow up was outstanding. We will be attending many more weddings in the next several years and Caterina Collezione will be at the top of our list to find the most beautiful and unique gifts. Thank you for all your help and it's been a great pleasure working with you."
Marie and Richard Fawcett  Phoenix, Arizona



130 piece "Traditional" Flatware Set..."We love our silver we purchased from you earlier this year, your service was courteous, fast, friendly - you will be recommended to anyone who is thinking about purchasing silver tableware! And we intend on purchasing more from you in the coming years. We are so glad that we came upon your website. Our best wishes to you and your families. Sincerely,"   Dan Blackstad and Karen Gustafson  St. Paul, Minnesota





"Sandro" Dish..."I just wanted to say thank you. I received the beautiful Sandro plate today. It is gorgeous, and was exactly like I expected! Your website gave a very accurate description. I will make sure to tell my friends and family about your company!"   E. Walcott  Solana Beach, California





2 "Mauro" Five Flame Candelabras... "Thank you. Our order of silver arrived today, and we are pleased."   William A. Zierer  Morristown, Tennessee







"Colomba" Bowl ..."My sister and her husband absolutely love the silver bowl. It was a gift for their 25th wedding anniversary - and a wonderful surprise for them!"   Laura Hankins  Asheville, North Carolina




"Annetta" Wedding Cake Service ..."It is absolutely beautifully crafted and I just wanted to let you know that my daughter, Carol Lee Spagnolo will be using them in two short weeks on October 11, 2003.  She loves the pieces and cannot wait to cut her cake! Thank you so much for your beautiful craftsmanship.  I'm sure the pieces will be greatly admired by all on the day of the wedding. I will let you know how the wedding was and possibly send you a picture of the happy couple...

Carol Lee and Scott were married on Saturday (October 11th) as you know. The day was beautiful and they both were glowing with love for each other. We made special arrangements for a picture to be taken especially for you with them cutting the cake. I will also send a few other for you to see as well. Everyone remarked how absolutely beautiful the serving pieces were and wanted to know where they were from. Of course, I gladly told them where they could get their own! Everything was beautiful and the silver stood out as well.

Thank you so much for your beautiful work and being a part of my only daughter's special day. May we keep in touch over the times to come. Will send the picture as soon as it is ready. Warmest regards to you and your staff."  
Diana Schorr  Fishkill, New York


"Vella" Tea Set ..."I received my tea set on Monday and everything was fine. As you know we had snow and ice storm that delayed the delivery. I'm very pleased with my tea set and will be ordering other items in the future. Thanks again for all your help with my order and FedEx."   Roger Eiford  Washougal, Washington


"Milano & Stilo" Bowls..."The bowls have arrived. They take my breath away. So beautiful! Thank you so much for your above and beyond effort to make our wish come true."   Marie and Richard Fawcett  Phoenix, Arizona



"Carmela" Platter..."Thank you very much for crafting a lovely silver dish for my parents' 25th anniversary. I saw it, and it is beautiful. I also appreciate the individual attention you paid to my order and your gracious customer service. Sincerely,"   Anne J. Soucy, M.D.  Bayside, New York



"Vella" Tea Set ..."I have just received my "Vella" tea set today. I want to let you know how impressed I was when it came, and so I am intending to place an order again in the future.

I also thank you again for "Oseibo", and appreciate your deep understandings for our traditional customs as "Ochugen" in summer and "Oseibo" in the winter. Sincerely yours."
Joji Takeuchi 
Aichi-ken, Japan



"Foglia" Bowl..."Mrs. Cannavaro enjoyed your wonderful silver. She is out of the hospital now and has recovered from her illness. She was so happy to get this silver gift from Sicily since that is where her ancestors are from. Ciao,"   Priscilla Traina  Tampa, Florida




"Castillo" Cheese Bowl Set..."Buon Giorno, I hope that this finds you well and that you had a good Easter holiday. My purchase arrived yesterday. It is absolutely lovely! You have exceeded my expectations both in product and in customer service. Thank you!"   Santicky  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania




58 piece "Traditional" Flatware Set..."Dear Salvatore and Leonardo, we have received our silver order and it is absolutely beautiful. Everything arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for your personal service. Please use our name for a reference; we are pleased and everyone who orders from Caterina Collezione will be pleased as well. We will definitely order again! Janet's maiden name was Di Cristofaro; we noticed on the box with the shipment a name of Di Cristofalo. Is that the family who runs Caterina Collezione? Janet's family was from the Abruzzi. Again, the silver is perfect. Thank you."   Tony and Janet Rozga  Burke, Virginia




"Principessa" Platter..."I had meant to email you earlier but I received the tray in perfect condition. It is very beautiful. The craftsmanship is outstanding. Thanks!"   John Vice  Plano, Texas



"Simpatica & Caruso" Bowls..."Thank you for your most courteous letter together with the finest silver bowls, all of which are far more exceed than my expectation."   Joji Takeuchi  Aichi-ken, Japan


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